Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order a portfolio?

You may find it helpful to download and print the build it form. Then call us at (207) 602–1571 to place your order directly with Scott or Sarah at Mullenberg Designs. We accept Mastercard/Visa/Paypal over the phone. You can reach Scott and Sarah, Monday 一 Friday 10a一5p EST.

I’ve decided what paper I’m using and what size I want my prints to be. How do I know the portfolio size will work with the paper I’m printing on?

One of the first questions you will be asked when you call to order is “What paper are you using and what is the final trim size?” If you are using a pre-scored/drilled paper you may be asked to send us one of the pages to assure your portfolio is customized to hold that specific paper.

If you are printing on for example 11 x 14L pre-cut to size paper, that is not pre-scored/drilled, we will discuss what your final image area layout will be (11 x 13) leaving 1” for the screw-post holes and score at 1”. If you want a 11 x 14L portfolio but are also planning on printing full-bleeds, you will need to print on 13 x 19 and trim to final size. In this case, we will discuss what your final trim should be (if printing on larger format, you may want your image area to be 11 x 14L, so the final trim would then be 11 x 15, that extra 1” for the screw-post holes and score). Because of these variables, the actual cover of the portfolio may not be the dimension you find on the portfolios pop-up page. These details again, will be clarified when you order and final dimensions determined.

How many pages will a portfolio hold?

Typically, the spine depth we build is ½” deep, which will hold 40 pages of 190gsm paper. We fill the binding with spacer tabs when the portfolio ships out. After you have inserted your pages, you will distribute enough spacers to fill the binding to the top of the screw-post. This assures a tight binding and proper functioning. If you think you will need more spine depth to hold more images, we can easily accommodate. Just make sure you mention this when you place your order so adjustments can be made when we build.

Can you make pocket in the back of the portfolio for leave-behinds?

Yes. We will need to know the size of your collateral materials that you would like to fit in the pocket, and also orientation so the pocket can be sized accordingly. Pocket prices range from $15-$25 depending on size.

I see on some of your portfolios have two different fabrics on the actual cover. Is this possible for me to do?

Yes. This is a special order, and since we build to order, we are able to accommodate these requests. Special orders are priced individually. (e.g. if you order a full-case portfolio and would like one fabric wrapped around the spine, and then another fabric to finish the front and back – in the bookbinding world, this is called quarter-bound)

I’m not a commercial photographer but I have a grouping of images that I would like to put in book format. Can I use the books from Mullenberg Designs for this purpose?

Yes. It’s particularly a nice fit when using the pre-scored/drilled pages from This is a great way to showcase a specific body of digital images, be it a wedding, a journey, a story.

Will I be able to switch out images?

Yes. The screw-post construction allows you the greatest flexibility in the event you want to swap out images. It’s classic, contemporary, and elegant, yet simple and easy to re-load.

If I have questions that I’m not getting answers for here, can I call the studio directly?

Yes, of course! (207) 602–1571

I’m a commercial photographer and have a website and blog that document my work. Do I really need a physical, print portfolio?

The general consensus between art buyers, consultants and rep’s is YES. Your online portfolio is a necessary component and possible introduction to your work, but if an art buyer is really interested they will more than likely request to see a print portfolio.

How many portfolios do I need?

This depends on certain variables. If you have a rep, they will dictate how many portfolios they need to have on hand. Three portfolios is a safe number, as you should always have one in your studio for showing locally, and two portfolios ready to travel when requested.

Do I need to order a slipcase with the portfolio book?

This is completely up to you. The slipcase protects the portfolio, and elevates your presentation.

Do I need a separate shipping case?

We highly recommend a shipping case for transporting your portfolio over a cardboard box with packing. The presentation is cleaner and asks less of the art buyer when returning the portfolio. Two companies we recommend are: and

What is the difference between having a custom portfolio made and a portfolio from Mulllenberg Designs?

If you have specific size/color/design parameters and are not able to find a portfolio that fits your brand either online or elsewhere, then you will need to have a custom portfolio built. This process can be extremely dynamic as you work one-on-one with your portfolio builder, designer, consultant and/or rep.

Should I have my logo/imprint debossed on my portfolio?

Yes, if you are planning on presenting your portfolio.

I'm interested in having my logo deboss. What's the next step?

Review our file specs and send us your artwork file.

Is there another way to brand my portfolio?

Yes, you can output a label and adhere it to the portfolio and/or slipcase.

What if I order a portfolio and the color is not what I thought it would be?

Ordering a swatch book alleviates this problem. All monitors read color differently so it’s best to be safe! Call Mulllenberg Designs at (207) 602–1571 to order. Swatch books are $14.50 and shipping is included in the USA and Canada.

What digital printing papers take a score?

It’s safe to say that a paper with a matte finish will score better than a gloss paper, as the emulsion on a glossy surface has a tendency to crack. Also, if your paper is too thick (e.g.300 gsm), it will not score or function as nicely as 190 gsm paper. We highly recommend sampling the papers you are interested in using to see what’s working for you.

Where do I score each page and how?

You score 1” in from the left side of the page. Assuming you won’t have an actual scoring machine, you can score by hand, using a bone folder and a straightedge that is 1” wide. Lay the straightedge along the left edge of the page and hold firmly. With the bone folder in your other hand go underneath the page and run the bone folder along the straightedge back and forth a couple times which will create slight crease/score. Manually fold along the score one-way and then the other if you want the page to lay more flat once in the portfolio.

Once I order a portfolio with Mulllenberg Designs when can I expect my shipment?

Since we build to order, orders not requiring custom debossing/imprint will be shipped within 5-10 business days. Orders with debossing/imprint will be shipped within 10-15 business days, allowing for the manufacture of the magnesium die. If paying with check or money order add an additional 7 business days to allow for receipt and funds clearing. Shipping charges are calculated at the time of ordering. We ship Fed-ex ground. If you would like to use an alternate shipping method or your own account number you can provide that information when ordering.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. In the event of defects in craftsmanship, items may be returned within 7 business days for exchange only of an item of equal value or for credit toward a future purchase.