Branding your Portfolio with Impact

Logo Debossing

The final step in completing your Custom Portfolio Presentation is branding your presentation structure. At Mullenberg Designs we use a hot stamping press to create a deboss that sinks your logo below the surface of your portfolio cover.

When pulling together your logo design Scott has these words of advice, “consider the portfolio to be your canvas and the deboss your painting” when considering the position of the de-boss on your portfolio.  It is the final touch that personalizes your portfolio and expresses your brand identity.


Magnesium Dies

We achieve debossing with a magnesium die that we have fabricated from a digital file of your logo that you will provide. The die is heated up to 250˚ sinking your logo into the surface of your portfolio’s cover fabric.

We offer several options to help you personalize your logo imprint including Blind debossing and Color debossing. 

Magnesium Die for Logo Branding: $85-$135


The Blind Deboss

Blind debossing is an elegant and understated way to brand your portfolio. In a blind deboss we sink your logo below the surface of your cover using heat to create an imprint. The blind deboss works especially great on our leatherette fabrics.

Deboss Costs per imprint: $15-$45



Color Debossing

Color debossing is achieved by hot stamping a colored foil into the surface of your portfolio. We can deboss your logo with a single color or incorporate multiple colors into your logo design.

Foil color inquiry? Send us an email


Drop-ins and Screen Printing

Alternative Solutions

Logo Drop-Ins

A logo drop-in is a great solution if you want to include an image in your portfolio branding. Or if your logo has overlapping colors or color gradations that you don’t want to lose. You provide us with your logo print out.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a nice option if you have an oversized logo. Or if you want your logo to live on the surface of the fabric without a de-boss impression. We outsource this method to Nick at La Cucaracha Press to achieve these awesome results:


Ready to start your customization?

File Specifications:

Here are the specs for the type of file we'll need to have a magnesium die manufactured for your debossing -

  • Format: .tiff, 300-600 dpi
  • black text / shape on white background
  • CMYK color mode -- C 0%, M 0%, Y0%, K 100%
  • Size perimeters: 2 x 8", the logo file size should reflect the actual size of the logo to be debossed on your book.
  • When sending us your logo file, please include the placement of where you would like your logo debossed on your portfolio/book/box cover in the body of your email.


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